why does my hamster bite me? know your hamster pet

Hamsters and their owners frequently form close relationships over time. The majority of hamsters like playing with their owners and letting them groom them.

Even if you have a close bond with your hamster, they may bite you occasionally. Rodents frequently act in this manner. What, however, causes the bite?

Why does my hamster bite me

Hamsters bite out of fear or a sense of threat. They are prey animals, so they need a mechanism to defend themselves, so it’s a normal reaction.

Here are some other common reasons why hamsters bite


Your hamster might bite you if it’s hurting or ill.


Hamsters are easily stressed because they are prey animals. They might bite you if their surroundings change frequently or if you disturb them because they are displeased with their habitat.


If they are scared of you, hamsters will bite you. Your hamster may bite you if you approach them suddenly because they are scared and panicked.


Hamsters are aggressive and prefer to have private spaces. If they feel you are encroaching on their territory, they will behave violently and may even bite you.

In summary most Hamsters will bite you in response to your activity since they don’t like it. When angry, scared, or hurt, they frequently act this way. They bite to show their displeasure.

why does my hamster bite me? know your hamster pet
Hamster pet being held

How to stop your Hamster from biting you

Let them Get to Know You

Hamsters require time to develop trust, just like people do. Any time they adjust to a new setting, they will likely feel anxious. Therefore, if they are a new family member, giving them time to adjust to their new home is crucial.

Avoid touching them as much during this time of transition. Put a  tissue in the cage that has your scent on it. Hamsters rely greatly on their sense of smell, so this is a perfect method to introduce them. They’ll probably associate safety with your fragrance as it fills their cage.

Never wake up your hamster when sleeping

If your hamster is napping, never wake them up. Would you choose to play if you were awakened from a sound sleep? Most likely not. Unless the offer is hidden and seek and you’re five years old.

If you awaken them, they can interpret your action as an attack, and your “no biting” training may suffer. Keep conversations to the evening or morning hours.

Approach the Cage Slowly

Nobody enjoys being surprised. It might even be terrifying. Therefore, take your time when opening the cage of your hamster.

I strongly advise letting them smell you before picking them up if you’re going to. It’s quite acceptable if they aren’t feeling social.

Put your hand in the cage every day for a few minutes. You’ll know when they’re prepared to play.


Even after you’ve finished training your Hamster, bites could still occur periodically. It’s organic and ingrained in their DNA. We must respect that as humans. The most crucial thing to remember is not to react hastily if and when it does occur.

Don’t shout. Avoid screaming. Stay out of the way. It was not their fault that they bit you because they are not violent animals. Sorry. But you owned it. However, your Hamster is merely reacting because it saw a threat in what you did.

Every procedure, including biting training, includes bumps in the road. Bite incidents are inevitable. Don’t give up, though. The more you collaborate, the better the outcomes will be.

You will eventually develop a fantastic, trustworthy, best friends-forever kind of friendship.

You will, whether it happens quickly or not. And when that happens, you’ll understand that it was worth it.


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