Why do rabbits pull out their fur? Top reasons

Why do rabbits pull out their fur? While getting to know your rabbit, you may have seen some unusual behaviour, such as your rabbit pulling off its fur, which can be alarming for pet owners.

While this behaviour may seem disturbing and strange, especially if you’re a new rabbit owner, it’s important to remember that it’s quite typical.

Below are the top reasons why rabbits pull out their fur

Why do rabbits pull out their fur?

Owners are sometimes confused when their rabbits pull out their own or another rabbit’s fur. It appears painful and can expose unattractive skin. These behaviours indicate that your bunny is under duress.

Stress, boredom, and skin discomfort cause rabbits to pull out their fur. Rabbits who are pregnant utilise their fur to make a nest for their offspring. Barbering another rabbit is usually seen as a sign of dominance.

Examine your pet’s behaviour and determine why they are acting this way. A physical, physiological, or emotional explanation will be provided. You can react once you understand why.


Rabbits tearing their fur is a difficult behaviour to evaluate. On the one hand, rabbit behaviour is entirely normal. Rabbits are meticulous groomers who will pull out their fur.

Something is wrong if your rabbit’s skin becomes pink in areas. Any rabbit should not remove this much fur. Barbering is the term for this. There are various reasons why your rabbit is barbering and they are,

  • Boredom, stress, or anxiety
  • Excess of fur and insufficient external grooming
  • Nesting behavior
  • Parasitic infestation causing irritation
  • Skin disease-causing
Why do rabbits pull out their fur? Top reasons
Why do rabbits pull out their fur? Top reasons


Rabbits are social animals who suffer when left alone for long periods. This means that they will feel lonely and anxious if they become bored.

Your rabbit is probably bored if they nibble on their leg fur. It’s not enough to stuff a hutch with toys. Rabbits require constant activity and fun.

If your rabbit lives alone, he or she may become stressed. Ascertain that your rabbit follows a consistent schedule as it will assist them in remaining calm.

Consider moving your rabbit’s hutch if the barbering occurs overnight. Rabbits do not fear the dark, but they are terrified of predators. Your pet may be frightened at night.

Skin Discomfort

Your rabbit will be in pain if they have a flea infestation. Even if your rabbit has no allergies, they will scratch. It will be excruciating if your pet suffers from flea bite sensitivity.

If you find out that your rabbit has fleas, you should treat them immediately. As soon as the infestation takes hold, barbering will follow. They’ll be itching and will bite to lessen the discomfort. Furthermore, the discomfort will result in stress.

Furthermore, fleas and other parasites, including ticks, spread disease. If the parasites eat an infected animal, they can infect your rabbit. Taking any chances with therapy won’t help you.

To cope with the infestation, look for rabbit-specific therapy. Cat and dog medications are frequently hazardous to rabbits. Other rabbits in the area should also be treated, even if they show no indications of distress.

A more powerful medication will require the assistance of a veterinarian.

Too Much Fur

Most likely seen in longhaired rabbits, especially during shedding season. Rabbits shed their winter coats in the spring to thrive in warmer weather. They become uneasy if they have too much fur.

However, shedding is insufficient. During this time, your rabbit will require a lot of grooming. They usually only require brushing once a day. Some rabbits require twice, or even three, sessions.

Rabbits are careful when it comes to grooming. They can only accomplish so much on their own. You’ll be expected to pitch in and manually remove hair. If you don’t, an enraged rabbit may take on the burden for you.

This could be a problem. Rabbits have no way of telling how much fur to lose. Furthermore, their teeth lack the subtlety and delicacy of a hairbrush. Your rabbit will most likely rip the fur off in clumps.

Make sure your pet is well-groomed to avoid this from happening. Rabbits may cause a lot of harm while barbering themselves. Biting them can result in open wounds due to their sensitive skin. In turn, these can get contaminated.

When shedding season arrives, you’ll know. Rabbits shed their fur at a frightening rate. The more fur they have, the larger the pile will be.

If you stay on top of it, you’ll be able to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Rabbit Building Nest with Her Fur

Nesting is a common reason for a female rabbit to tear out her fur. When the rabbit is pregnant, this behaviour begins. Her impulse is to provide a warm, safe environment for her children.

This might not make sense. Your bunny had been fixed. Why would a rabbit that has been spayed rip out its fur? A phantom pregnancy is what your pet is going through. As her hormones play tricks on her, the rabbit believes she is pregnant.

False pregnancies can happen to anyone. They’re less common in spayed rabbits, but they still exist. It’s more likely if the rabbit has previously given birth to a litter. Once a rabbit ovulates, it is never out of season again.

One of two things frequently causes a false pregnancy.

Mounting from another rabbit

This could be a dominant behaviour or a breeding attempt. The female will react to sexual stimulation in either case. It will have the same effect if another female mounts your rabbit.

Intense stress

If the rabbit is under a lot of stress, she will ovulate. Rabbits are inherently motivated to ensure the survival of their species. Without another rabbit, a female can have pseudopregnancy.

Rabbit Pulling Out Another Rabbits Fur

When there are multiple rabbits, they may pull at each other’s fur out of boredom or dominance. The dominant animal will frequently tug on the submissive animal’s fur.

Even the tamest rabbits have their limits. Rabbits are known to gamble on occasion. The obedient rabbit may pull out fur from the dominant rabbit. This is a leadership challenge. Roles shift from time to time. Most of the time, the animals fight.

Why do rabbits pull out their fur? Top reasons
Why do rabbits pull out their fur? Top reasons

My Rabbit is Eating the Fur They Pull Out

Rabbits may chew their fur if they don’t obtain enough fibre in their diet. To correct this tendency, pile additional hay in their cabinet.

This will cause intestinal obstruction because tiny hair cuttings bypass the digestive process.

On the other hand, large clumps of hair will not be able to do so. They are also difficult to digest. They’ll linger in the rabbit’s intestines.

This is extremely risky and even lethal. The rabbit is in danger since it is unable to eat properly. Consult a veterinarian as soon as you notice signs of gastrointestinal obstruction. Among the symptoms are:

  • Diarrhea, or unexpected tiny droppings
  • Drooling
  • Struggling to swallow, and by extension, failing to eat
  • Distention and swelling of the belly
  • Lethargy

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