Does a chicken pee? Know your Chicken Pet

Owners of chickens have probably noticed that there isn’t any urine on the floor where their chicken is, as you would expect to see with other pets and animals.

So, it’s understandable to wonder does a chicken pee?. Do they pee in an unnoticeable location?

Let’s take a closer look at how chickens pee and poop to see how interesting the answer to this question is.

Does a chicken pee?

Yes, Chickens do pee. However they do not pee the same way as we do, or other mammals.

Chickens do not have the same system for urinating as humans, cats, and dogs.

Chickens, just like humans, have two kidneys that support water balance, regulate electrolyte levels, and eliminate metabolic waste.

However, chickens lack a bladder to store urine, in contrast to humans. Additionally, there is no urethra to allow the urine to exit the body.

The urine is instead redirected back into the large intestines of the chickens.

Does a chicken pee? Know your Chicken Pet
Does a chicken pee

Most of the water in the urine can be reabsorbed once it reaches the large intestines, where it becomes the white, pasty substance that most people have seen accompanying their poop.

Does a Chicken Pee and Poop at the Same Time?

Yes, chickens do pee and poop at the same time.

Steps To Prevent Urinary Problems In Your Chicken

Making sure your chickens’ excretion systems are working properly is another part of taking care of them.

One of a creature’s most important functions is excretion, It enables the bodily release of harmful and pointless substances.

Additionally, it prevents your flock from feeling swollen and uneasy. So how do you stop your chickens from having urinary issues?


Make sure your chickens have plenty of water to drink at all times.

The last thing you want to happen to them is for them to become dehydrated cause chickens get dehydrated quickly.

Even though they do not excrete liquid pee, they still require a sufficient amount of water to survive.

This is beneficial for eliminating the toxins from their bodies as well. Enough water also aids in their body’s excretion of extra uric acid.

Proper Feeding

The kidneys and urinary system can be significantly impacted by the type of food you feed your chicken. It’s possible that chickens shouldn’t eat grains designed for other livestock because they can harm their health.

Does a chicken pee? Know your Chicken Pet

To keep your chicken healthy and its urinary system operating properly, only chicken feed will offer the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals.


Your chickens’ high-protein diet results in an excessive amount of uric acid. It could be challenging for them and, in severe cases, fatal if the uric acid level rises too high.

Laying Pellets

You should be aware that laying pellets were developed specifically for laying hens, not for the entire chicken population. These pellets contain a specific amount of nutrients like calcium and protein to help the hens lay eggs.

Younger chickens cannot tolerate these nutrient levels. These could overpower them and harm their bodily processes, particularly the kidneys.

How Often Do Chickens Poo and Pee?

The frequency of a chicken’s poop depends on a few different things. Smaller birds and young chicks poop much more frequently than larger birds because of size differences.

Small chickens have a poop cycle that lasts up to 10 minutes. While I’d estimate that an adult chicken of average size should be fed every 20 to 25 minutes.

Nevertheless, the actual frequency may range from 20 to 40 times per day.

Do Chickens Pee and Poop From the Same Hole?

Yes, chickens pee and poop from the same hole. The same hole, also known as the vent or cloaca, serves as the exit point for the eggs, poops, and urine.

Do Chicken Eggs Come Out Where They Poop?

Yes, chicken poop and eggs come from the same location, but it’s not quite that simple. Both poops and eggs leave the cloaca, but there are actually three different chambers inside the cloaca cavity.

Does a chicken pee? Know your Chicken Pet

Three chambers are connected to the colon, the ureter, and the vent opening, respectively. A formed egg enters the cloaca through the vent on its way out of the chicken.

The opening to the colon is essentially blocked when a chicken begins to lay an egg because of the pressure of the egg, which prevents it from being covered in poop.

While it is true that the egg and poop do exit from the same opening, chicken eggs do not pass through the colon, where poops are formed.

How To Keep Your Chicken Eggs Clean?

When you go to gather eggs, you might discover that they are covered in poop. They don’t necessarily come out of the same opening as poop, and they weren’t “pooped out” either.

In actuality, as long as the chicken is healthy, most eggs come out of the chicken clean, or at the very least uncovered in poop. You can take a few steps to ensure that the eggs you are harvesting from your coup are largely clean.


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